New CoE in Tijuana

A new Software Center of Excellence settles in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana is once again honored with opening a new Center of Excellence in Tijuana’s bustling Zona Río. The new facilities that will welcome a market-leading medical device organization that focuses on the continuous development of its IoMT mobile and cloud-based software platform for insulin delivery and monitoring offer an energizing collaborative workspace filled with local flare. The space is equipped to host 140 full-time staff members with another 100 co-working stations for visitors and our growing hybrid team located across Mexico.

In recent years, San Diego and Tijuana have been in the eye of innovation and technological forecasters, including the Montreal-based World Design Organization. Recently the region has been chosen as the World Design Capital for 2024, beating Moscow. The award recognizes the region’s leadership in design across economic, technological, and cultural sectors. Two countries mean more room to grow and prosper. 

For companies creating revolutionary IoMT smart medical processes and devices, Tijuana has become a key partner that helps accomplish the IoMT company’s strategic goal of confidently and cost-effectively enhancing its highly skilled digital engineering capabilities without sacrificing quality and productivity. 

The nearshore approach encourages growth in many ways, allowing companies to establish world-class software engineering centers of excellence. With the help of the right partner, more organizations are currently flourishing with the right experts. 

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Women Who Code Maritza Diaz

Maritza Diaz joins the conversation at the Women Who Code panel

Maritza Diaz, Chief Executive Officer of ITJ, joins the Women Who Code panel called “Women Inspire Women.” Alongside talented CEO Cristina de la Peña and Senior Manager María Jiménez, they share their professional experience as Mexican women in IT. 

Since launching in 2011, Women Who Code has been an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women to pursue technology and programming careers. They have created the most fantastic community and a job board to help girls and women worldwide prosper in the IT industry. They envision a world where women are proportionally represented as technical leaders, executives, founders, VCs, board members, and software engineers.

Since their launch of the Mexico City edition in 2015, Women Who Code has been representing Mexican women’s interests in technology, generating the most significant impact, promoting gender equality, and helping women reach their full professional potential.

This year’s panel shared the conversation with three women leaders in IT, and ITJ’s CEO, Maritza Diaz, was one of them. By responding to questions such as: How can we get more women into technology? What advice would you give to other women to help them progress in this industry? What’s a leadership lesson that you’ve learned that’s unique to being a female leader? The three women offered their points of view based on their professional and personal experiences to encourage and motivate other girls and women who have similar goals.

Over the past seven years, Maritza has established herself as a thought leader in the software industry’s cross-border collaboration. One of her goals is to achieve full gender equality in her company with a 50-50 employee gender ratio. The same stands out as a beacon of hope for women who pursue careers in technology and programming. Maritza’s remarkable strength is an encouragement to everybody. We are sure that her dreams are closer than ever to becoming a reality. 

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ITJ’s Bootcamp: Empowering the Next Generation of Young Software Engineers

As a spearhead for software engineering and nearshoring in Mexico, ITJ firmly holds the mission to offer mentorship and career development to a new generation of software engineers. The company recently held its first quarterly iOS Mobile Developer Bootcamp in Tijuana. The 2021 event hosted professionals and students in their last semester in Computers and Software Engineering, Software Development, and other engineering majors that are seeking to jumpstart their career as mobile developers.

Over one hundred young IT professionals and students from different states of Mexico and Latin America registered to attend this immersive, two-weekend hybrid program both online and on-site at the BIT Center in Tijuana.

The Bootcamp is highly attractive for young software engineers because it allows attendees to learn from industry experts at ITJ. The program covers the basic skills needed to become an iOS native mobile developer. After the completion of the Bootcamp, attendees are equipped and prepared with everything they need to create applications for mobile environments running the Apple operating system – iOS. 

While explaining the purpose of the Bootcamp, Maritza Diaz, CEO of ITJ, states that “Mexico is booming with young engineering talent. At ITJ, we want to empower the next generation of software engineers with the right tools, technology, and resources to become world-class at their craft. In these young tech mentees, we have seen the potential and talent that, with the appropriate mentoring, creates software engineers suited to solve some of the most challenging problems of the future. Through the Bootcamp, we want to push this new generation forward and help it reach its full potential.”

The first quarterly Bootcamp consisted of two full-day weekend events ranging from July 24-25th to August 1st. Each day is divided into 30% of the time for technical knowledge and 70% for hands-on building experience in labs developing a real native mobile app. Each day is 7 hours long with one-hour lunch time and 15 min breaks every two hours to recharge.

During the event, ITJ staff offered job interviews to qualified attendees as part of its commitment to provide this young talent pool with the opportunity to boost their careers.  

The event was hosted by ITJ and sponsored by the BIT Center, Tijuana EDC, and Mexico’s National Chamber of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technologies Industry (CANIETI).

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