Maritza Diaz as winner at the Women In Tech Global Awards

Maritza Diaz recognized as winner at the Women in Tech Global Awards 2022 for the Rising Star Executive category

WomenTech Network announced the winners for the Women in Tech Global Awards 2022 celebrating 100 000 women, minorities, and allies in tech. 

TIJUANA – December 2nd, 2022 Maritza Diaz, Chief Executive Officer for ITJ, was recognized as a winner at the largest virtual awards celebration in technology for women, minorities, and their allies, Women in Tech Global Awards 2022 by WomenTech Network, the world’s largest community for women in tech with more than 6000 ambassadors from 172 countries.

Maritza Diaz won silver in the category for the Rising Star Executive. As a female leader, Maritza Diaz has made it her goal to support the growth and international competitiveness of San Diego’s life science and technology sectors. Diaz is adamant about having a positive impact on the community by inspiring other women to seek careers as business leaders and by promoting civic engagement. As CEO of ITJ, Maritza is keen on reducing the gender gap in the workplace, and currently holds a male – female ratio of 54% – 46% at the management level. Furthermore, ITJ is the creator of multiple educational programs promoting women inclusion in the tech scene, such as the trainee program, an in-house educational platform, hackathons, bootcamps, etc.

“To my team: This recognition is for you. The importance of striving for gender parity in our company is something we always have in mind, and I am extremely proud of the kindness and values of the people that surround me. As part of our objective to solve the gender gap in the workplace, we must continue our work and continue to inspire new female talent”, said Diaz.

The Women in Tech Global Awards have acknowledged the people and organizations that understand the value of diversity and help to create a more welcoming tech industry. And at the celebration, WomenTech Network has been able to shine a light on the most accomplished and inspiring female tech leaders, mentors, and rising stars from around the world.

About WomenTech Network

WomenTech Network is the world’s leading community for women in tech with more than 6,000 Global Ambassadors representing 172 countries. 70,000 tech leaders have collaborated with the network to date in order to cultivate a diverse global network that reaches 3.5 million people. WomenTech Network strives to empower women in tech through leadership development, professional growth, and mentorship programs. WomenTech Network hosts regular career networking events and a global tech conference for members to connect with like-minded professionals and learn about job opportunities at leading companies that value diversity.

About ITJ

ITJ is devoted to serving fast-growing and high-value market sectors, particularly the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), working with innovative medical device companies looking to improve people’s lives. With a unique BOT (build, operate, and transfer) model that sources only the best digital talent available, ITJ enables companies in the US to create technology centers of excellence in Mexico. For more information, visit

Women in tech ITJ

ITJ’s first For Women by Women Bootcamp

“Becoming a Full Stack Engineer” is the name of the Bootcamp held and hosted by ITJ alongside Women Who Code.

As new software engineering breakthroughs are burgeoning in Mexico, ITJ holds the mission of empowering our partners to deliver their digital innovation that improves people’s lives. So how do we do it? Only full-time client-dedicated ITJ personnel make up our professional teams, allowing us to recruit and keep the most outstanding engineering talent while providing our customers with highly effective quality services. As a result, ITJ has made the training of new engineers a top priority, complementing our ultimate goal of training women in tech. 

With the purpose of training and nurturing women professionals and college students in software engineering specialties, ITJ comes with an initiative. This idea was born since ITJ was founded by Maritza Diaz, CEO, talented entrepreneur, and software engineer, to begin women in the journey to becoming full-stack engineers. 

On April 18, ITJ’s Bootcamp: Becoming a Full Stack Engineer launched the first masterclass online exclusive for women with 160+ registrants from Mexico. The program covered 12 days of training, 2.5 hours each day. With the guidance of Diana Garcia, Iliana Carrasquedo, Aylin Yepez, Diana Colin, Jahnavi Mahanta, Sravani Kandarpa, and mentors who helped participants gain skills to become a full-stack engineers: learn how web apps work, data persistence with NoSQL databases, how to build cloud-native applications, and you can connect with experienced Full Stack Engineers, learn, have fun, and increase your professional network. In addition, participants who attend all training sessions and use ITJ’s coaching platform miCoach will receive a badge as a certified Full Stack Engineer entry-level if they pass the capstone project. 

With this opportunity, ITJ hopes to contribute to the development of a new generation of women in tech as accomplished engineers, empower this incredible potential, and bring the gender gap down.

For more information about our ITJ Bootcamps and trainings, please register at miCoach. 

break the bias

ITJ strives for gender parity

“ «Women are not strong developers», Come on! We have what it takes to be strong developers. Don’t be afraid of taking risks, don’t be afraid of not being perfect, don’t be afraid of being the only woman in the room. It is up to us to take our seat at the big table and show the world how amazing women developers are solving the problems of the future! ” Maritza Diaz, Chief Executive Officer of ITJ

For International Women’s Day 2022, we want to uplift women to pursue their goals in technological careers. The task to forge women’s equality, not only in salaries but in responsibilities in decision making, is something we can all do consciously. We can all consciously break the bias.

Long ago, with the leadership of Clara Zetkin, the first International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911, and protests were held across Europe, attracting more than 30,000 women. Collectively, not only a community was created but a voice towards gender equality was born.

But, statistically we realize that 72% of women in tech say they are outnumbered by males in business meetings by at least 2:1, while 26 percent say they are outnumbered by 5:1 or more, according to this study. An absence of female representation in technology might stifle a woman’s potential to excel in the field. Unfortunately, women in tech are accustomed to a lack of representation – 73% of women claimed they have worked at a business where “bro culture” is “pervasive,” compared to only 41% of males. 

Between 2018 and 2019, the percentage of women in senior leadership roles increased from 21% to 24%, according to IDC. That’s excellent news because having women in high leadership roles has been shown to improve female employee retention and engagement. Female employees are more likely to stay with a firm for more than a year, experience better job satisfaction, and believe the company is trustworthy in organizations where women hold 50% or more senior leadership roles. 

In honor of International Women’s Day and this year’s campaign #BreakTheBias, ITJ collected distinct points of view from amazing women from around our organization. 

When we asked, «what would a world free of gender bias mean to you?» they said:

“A world where people are being recognized for their intellect, ideas, and ability. In my team, I honestly don’t distinguish between genders. I guide myself according to what each one can contribute and their determination to learn” — Isabel Santos, Software Engineer Manager 

“A world where everyone is equally encouraged, respected, valued, and heard, regardless of gender. I do feel inspired by my female co-workers, seeing them striving and being recognized for the value they provide” — Rachelle Reyes, Developer

“A world where you are not afraid to be yourself. I am a firm believer that by attempting to view things from the perspectives of individuals who are not like you and critically evaluating your own biases, you can form better and more efficient teams.” — Paula Diaz, HR Specialist

Without gender equality, an innovative and sustainable future remains beyond our reach. With that statement in mind, ITJ drives and delivers several initiatives to train women in STEM and incorporate them into our organization. Our mission is to build the finest software engineering teams in the Americas, valuing predictability, quality, and innovation with gender parity. We are about to launch a new Bootcamp for women in April in collaboration with Women Who Code, an event for women by women to meet a career development and mentorship in software engineering. 

For techtalks and training, we are also collaborating with Women Who Code Tijuana, an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women to pursue technology and programming careers. At ITJ, we acknowledge the fantastic community we have and our ultimate goal is to achieve a 50%-50% balanced ratio in our workforce. 

Diversity is critical in tech. Remain confident that your role is imperative in the tech industry. For women to be in a male-dominated industry for so many years, a gap has turned clear, but it is a bias that all of us can break.